Buttercream Cake Decorating

So after Halloween I decided i needed to practice buttercream decorating. Using tips about crumb coating, and how to spread the icing onto the cake, I managed to have a lot more success than my last attempt. As this was just for practice, i used my favorite color – purple. I also had a chance to test out multiple tips and decorations.

Buttercream Rose Cake

Things i learnt:

  • Crumb coating and then chilling the cake helps get a smooth layer of Buttercream over the cake
  • Practice designs first on baking paper, then scrape the buttercream back into the bag – saves on waste
  • I really need a turntable if I am going to continue decorating cakes
  • Whipping the buttercream for awhile before putting it in the bag really helps with spreading it evenly over the cake


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