Why I Started Baking

In June 2015 I was in a car accident, I was on my way to pick up things before work driving along the motorway, when a truck changed lanes without checking his side mirror. The truck smashed into the front of my car, and i spent what seemed like a very long time spinning around the motorway bouncing back and forth between the barriers on each side. When my car finally stopped spinning, I didn’t think anything was broken, however I was still in a lot of pain so had to go to the hospital to check my spine wasn’t damaged.

Following the accident, it emerged that I have damaged my lower back, to the point where I was basically housebound for about two months, unable to work or do anything. I still deal with chronic pain on a daily basis and am very limited in what I am able to do socially due to this.

I have always enjoyed baking, but since the accident it has become something that I am able to do even with my new limitations. Because I can make my cookies and cupcakes at home, I can rest when needed, and I can still feel like I am creating something.

I also believe in using skills to help others – this is why I am now using these skills I have taught myself over the past year to fundraise for those who need assistance. I have just created a set of cookies to raise funds for the Blind Foundation, and am registered for another fund raiser in August involving gingerbread horses.

To celebrate what I have achieved over the past year, both in gaining my baking skills, and in other aspects of my life (which I won’t go into here) – I made Alice in Wonderland themed cupcakes for the 1 year anniversary of the accident.

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